The First

I couldn’t decide what my first blog should be about, so it’s going to be about blogging.

I set up this blog in hopes of organizing thoughts and pondering about a wide variety of topics that I run into on a regular basis.  I am a Christian, so I’ll be writing about how my faith influences my life.  I am a husband (to Jamie) and father (to Enoch), so family’s real important and makes its way into a lot of things. I live and work in Taiwan, so there may be the occasional observation on Asian culture.  I’ve taught English in Taiwan for five years and love the thrill and challenge of education.  I am part of a ministry called “The Aroma,” which is one of fourteen Envision sites around the world associated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Subsequently, we’ve started a coffee shop and planted a church, so I’m also a business leader and pastor.  I love to read.  I’m into technology, and I go for runs when I can find the time (and the motivation).  

Please keep in touch, as I love interacting with people.  

At any rate, this was supposed to be about blogging, so I wanted to write out the reasoning behind the way I’ve set up this blog and hopefully give some insight into others who might be doing something similar in the future.

First, I researched several blog (and blog wannabe) options including

  • blogger (didn’t like the layout as much)
  • tumblr (too short)
  • squarespace (no free version for starting)

But, I eventually landed on wordpress, because

  • I liked integration with lots of other choices (it can auto-post to Facebook, Tumblr, etc)
  • The app for iPhone isn’t half bad (I don’t want this blog thing to be overwhelming)
  • I took a poll on social media and it got the most votes

To up the ante, I’m working on integrating the following

  • the aforementioned auto-posting on social networks (I wonder how Tumblr will develop)
  • blog to email with Mailchimp
  • Bloggsy app for iPad
  • (turns social media and other pages into a website for you)

Overall, I hope blogging is

  • therapeutic for my over-active brain
  • helpful for creating a long-term presence in the areas I care about
  • useful in engaging people with similar interests

p.s. The picture is my face before I chose a blogging platform.




  1. Looking forward to reading Chris, and thanks for your input on the blogging sites – I’ve been looking at it also and your thoughts help point me to wordpress (for free).

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