Business Course Final Exam

I have the privilege of writing the final exam for my Junior High Business course on entrepreneurship. We have studied Steve Mariotti’s text, The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business. It’s been great fun watching these ten students go from idea to full fledged business plan.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the content we learned (and what’s going to be on the exam. Don’t worry, they’ve already seen all of this on a study guide, and I told them they can’t be my friend on social media until after I’m not their teacher anymore):

  • generating business ideas, teamwork, elevator pitches
  • market analysis, strategy, design
  • financials including startup costs, income statements, sales forecasts
  • Students will need to answer questions in these three areas and there will be a writing piece involved as well!

    Right after they finish the exam, they’re going to pitch their company idea to me and hope I “invest” in the company. It’s sort of like Shark Tank, which I love!

    What about you? Do you like learning about business?


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