Investing In Our Families

What’s the Best Thing You Did for Your Kids? – Videos – The Gospel Coalition.

It’s important as dads that we learn to invest time in our families, especially our kids. They need us to be role models of what it means to follow Christ.

In this video, three pastors discuss things they’ve done with their families to invest in them.  My top three from the video are:

  1. Worship together (keep it simple: read, memorize, pray, sing)
  2. Eat meals together
  3. Go on dates together.

When I was growing up with my dad, I remember

  • going on trips in the car to places
  • sorting through Sunday ads
  • that one time when we built a shed together for some friends (and probably some extra money since we didn’t have much) and worked so hard on the last day to get the project done even though the mosquitos were eating us up.
  • that one time when you put that yellow powder into EVERYTHING you cooked until it stained all our plates yellow
  • visiting people in the nursing home
  • ordering taco bell
  • shopping at walmart
  • no matter how late I got home, washing and drying the dishes together
  • the first time he let me preach in front of church
  • hearing him speak highly of me in front of my face and behind my back (others told me, I don’t have superhuman powers)

Dad’s are so important!  All of these things, though many of them seem trivial are helping me to put my life into perspective.  It was really about these moments and growing little by little until I became the person I am today.

I’m not sure what traditionals we’ll come up with as a family in the coming weeks, months, and years, but I know they’ll be good. I love you, Enoch.


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