Expenses You Forget To Plan

I wish I had read a blog like the one listed below before getting in too deep with my business. Most un-planned for expenses include:

  • Marketing (a brand doesn’t build itself, includes the work of making excellent customer servie and killer products a priority).
  • Taxes (in Taiwan, you have to pay taxes twice, since income tax is normally calculated into the price)
  • Health and Worker’s Comp Insurance (didn’t think about that one too much)
  • Repairs and Maintenance (major machine repairs, unexpected government mandated fireproofing, mid-stream remodeling)

The cool thing is that we’ve always been able to pay our bills. We’re grateful that God is teaching us a ton through this experience and we get to have everything provided for as we need it. Jesus says seek His Kingdom first, and he provides everything!

My belief is that a Kingdom Business can have the resources necessary to expand the kingdom! It comes in the context of developing your relationship with the Lord and learning to hear from him. As Bill Johnson says,

“Sometimes, He gives you a tree when you ask for it. Sometimes, He gives you the seed.”

idea via: Expenses You Don’t Think of When Starting a Business | Software by Rob.


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