On Chinese Culture Pointing the way to Jesus’ Rule

Martin J on making sense of China (via BBC)

I read this article and asked myself… What is correct? What is God’s view? Maybe I’m too American and always looking for an answer to be one thing or another. Is he more nationalistic or more civilizational?

I see the idea of sovereignty found in Christ as being nationalistic. But I see the way he set up the disciples and challenged us to follow Him as many different groups and people’s as more civilizational. There’s no doubt it’s about a culture. Perhaps, Christianity is meant to be one nation many systems. Perhaps, Chinese culture gives us some insights into the way we should organize our churches to follow the one sovereign Christ.

Jesus did plainly outline the fact that He’s the head (Ephesians 5:23).

Jesus is the nation and he calls us to honor him regardless of what system we are in.

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