Banks, Coffee Shops, and Tarot Cards

I went into the Taipei Fubon Bank in my neighborhood to deposit some money from the coffee shop.  They know I “opened” a coffee shop recently and so when I go in they often ask questions about how business is going and what not.  This time, she mentioned that there’s another foreigner who recently opened a coffee shop and does Tarot Card readings for people. In the same breath, she mentioned another foreigner who opened a coffee shop with curly hair.  Turns out, this girl is one of our teammates, Victoria.

The Tarot Card reading, I don’t know.

However, it got me thinking.  Everyone is doing something with their lives.  What are you doing with yours?  Are you doing something that moves people closer to Jesus, using your talents, gifts, and passion like our friend, Victoria?  Or are you doing something that confuses.

The choice is yours.  I hope more choose to be like Victoria, living life victoriously over the darkness.

Fubon Bank Queen's Road East Branch 富邦銀行

victoria and jamie

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