Objective and Subjective Truth (中文版:主觀跟客觀的真理)

All of us have a story. We all are a story.

After church yesterday, while we were hanging around The Aroma (our coffee shop), a man came in named Will. He’s Malaysian by birth but has grown up for most of his life in London. He’s studying in university right now. He stopped by because he thought it felt “sort of Christian” and he had a few questions. He’s one of those thinker types, so it was a great conversation.

Near the end of our conversation, it hit me: what Will is looking for is a subjective truth experience to validate the objective truth that he’s pursuing while looking at the possibility of making a faith commitment to Christ.

In fact, we are all on a journey. I wanted to write a quick post just to encourage you in yours.

Regardless of what you’re after, it’s important to understand it in two ways: objectively and subjectively.

For a follower of Jesus, the objective truth is that Jesus was really a man who really claimed to be God and really died. There’s also a lot of objective evidence pointing to the resurrection.

The subjective truth is the experience of what happens to you when you make a decision to follow Christ. The change in your life. Your attitudes change. Your thoughts change. Your reactions change. These can’t be proven and may barely stand in a court of law, but it’s pretty difficult to deny the existence of the subjective truth you’ve experienced in your personal life. And it’s hard to deny that truth found in others.

Instead of denying subjective and objective truth, learn that they can teach each other, and can be reliable in their own ways.

Learn to embrace the objective truth of the textbook you’re reading on starting a new company, and ask for subjective revelation about how that works in your life. You’ll see that the objective truth has taught your subjective life and your subjective understanding will re-validate the objective truth.

We need both!

Ultimately, the Bible says it’s the Holy Spirit that “lead[s] [us] into all truth” (John 16:13). This is why Jesus real worshipers worship in “Spirit and in Truth.”

In your quest for “heaven in business” or “heaven in whatever-it-is-that-you-do,” find something “objective” and see how it connects with the “subjective.” My hypothesis, and prayer, is that Jesus will teach you this hour, day, week, month and year!











我們需要它們兩者! 缺一不可!

最後我想提一下約翰福音16章13節說到,真理的聖靈 “引導我們懂一切的真理”,這就是為什麼真正的敬拜者是用心靈跟真理在敬拜耶穌的。

當你在追求 “天國的事業”或是 “任何有關天國的事業”,不要忘了尋求客觀的真理而且尋求它跟主觀的真理中的關聯,我想並祈求基督會無時無刻的教導著你們。

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