Small Groups Matter

I’ve been thinking a lot about our small groups at Aroma. Small groups are a very important aspect of the ministry here, because 1) they help us connect on a deeper level, 2) they meet at various times throughout the week so that people who can’t make it on Sunday can still get involved, 3) they give us chances to go deeper into the Bible and learn more, and 4) they offer opportunities for more people to step up in leadership.


Here’s a brief outline of how we want small groups to go and grow at Aroma.

  1. Community in small groups.
    1. This means, we want to care for our friends throughout the week and make sure everyone feels connected and loved.
    2. In the future, we are going to find new ways to make sure everyone is connected. We are also going to try new activities, like prayer partners, or spending time together outside of small group while being intentional.
  2. Content for small groups.
    1. This means we want our small groups to be a place where people can learn and grow together. We want to have people be challenged to understand the Bible more.
    2. In the future, we are going to provide better content for small groups while still giving groups the ability to adapt as they need to in order to fit their own group style. We are also going to provide resources for discipleship and deeper Bible learning even beyond small group meeting times.
  3. Christ-likeness through small groups.
    1. We want our small groups to grow in prayer and worship. We also want small groups to serve.
    2. In the future, small groups are going to help with Action for Jesus, our outreach program, by having a monthly theme to work on throughout group times together. They are going to be challenged to pray for each other and worship together, too. The idea is that each small group is like a mini church.

What ideas would you add to this?

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