The “gourmefication” of everything


Seth Godin makes many references to the importance of choosing a small tribe, choosing a place in which you can be “the best in the world” at something. It’s not about mass-marketing and spewing things at people. It’s about creating something awesome that people actually love. It’s about gathering a group of people together. It’s about encouraging them to follow on further down the road – to get connected to the cause.

Walking around Wal-Mart recently, I had this epiphany. Well, it was half me and half my dad. He may have coined the term: gourmefication as he explained to me how major brands that have come to stand for one thing, one flavor, are now diversifying to have 1,000 different flavors added to their once single-flavor lineup. When I was growing up, there was one kind of Cheez-It. The world fell apart when they added a second flavor.  Now look.  Same thing with Triscuits, and Gatorade, and a million other types of everything.

Is this the attempt of big-brands to choose a little tribe? Or is it simply more white noise?

Moving forward, what should big brands do? focus on one thing and hit a home-run or try to diversify? And what about you?  Should you be all things to all people? Or focus in on one killer thing that makes your group happy?


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