Jesus is “The Door”

A number of weeks ago, we did a short series within a series called on Jesus’ “I am statements.”  Here’s an excerpt from one of the more popular ones:

Jesus says that he’s the door. What happens when you enter through the door? You 1) receive salvation, 2) go in and out, and 3) find pasture. These are four critical aspects of the believer’s life. Many years ago, there was a lot of debate about things like when we actually get saved, or if we are choosing to get saved or having it chosen for us. These are all things I’m not interested in debating, because I believe God is not bound by our ideas of theology. Rather, I choose to see the way Jesus has revealed himself in Scripture and in our lives, and believe that He’s willing to do things from a different form than we are used to. Consider all the miracles we’ve talked about in the book of John so far: water into wine, lame man, official’s son, man born blind. Each miracle was done in a different way. Jesus is infinitely unique. And we don’t need to be concerned about how exactly he’s planning on doing it. He’s good and that’s great! Back to the main verse: Receive salvation. This is showing us one important thing. No matter how your story happens, and I believe many are unique and that’s great, Jesus is the door. We enter in through Jesus. Your life of salvation is through Jesus. What is salvation? It’s being saved. Saved from what? Saved from your sin, death, evil spirits, sickness, etc. Saved to what? Saved to the Kingdom, health, freedom, and eventually heaven. We are saved. If you enter in through Jesus, I have good news for you: you’re saved. Next is going in and out. I struggled with this one during my preparation time. I think there’s an element connected to our idea of “testimony is the Spirit of prophecy.” Jesus says, what I’ve done before, I’ll do again. Jesus is a door. That means, when he shows up (through a miracle or a sense of his presence), there’s entrance into another reality, beyond what we have. I believe strongly that Jesus is around us a lot more than we think, and he’s desiring for us to open the door. I believe we have a heavenly reality that trumps, or goes above, our reality here in on earth. That is the Kingdom of God. A quest we have at Aroma is learning to move freely in this reality. We can enter the Kingdom… we can go in and out. I believe it’s much easier than we currently think it is. This starts with a change in our understanding. Our minds need to be renewed (Romans 12:1-2). The final element of this door is “pasture.” Jesus is saying he’s coming to give us abundant life. Now, just what are the confines of this life, I don’t dare say. I’m only confident of one thing: it’s better than we think it is. It’s more full of Jesus, his joy, his peace, his power, and love than we ever imagined. We need to maintain ourselves continually in the free flow of an abundant life in Christ. He came for us to have life and have it to the full.

耶穌說,他是門。當你通過門進入時,會發生什麼事? 1)接受救恩,2)走進去出去,3)找到牧場。這是四個信徒生活的關鍵方。很多年前,有很多爭議,像是我們甚麼時候會真正得到救贖,或者我們是否都選擇被救贖或是救贖選擇我們。我對這些辯論都不感興趣,因為我相信上帝不是我們的受約束的神學思想。相反,我選擇看到耶穌已經從聖經及我們的生活中展現自己,並認為他是願意用不同於我們習慣的形式動工。想想我們目前為止已經談論的約翰福音所提到的所有奇蹟:水變成酒,瘸腿的人,官員的兒子,先天的瞎子。以不同的方式完成的每個奇蹟。耶穌是無限獨特的。我們不需要去想他究竟是如何做規劃。他是很好的,很棒!回到主要的章節:接受救贖。這告訴我們一個重要的訊息。不管你的故事如何發生,相信有不少是獨一無二的,這是很棒的,耶穌是這扇門。我們通過耶穌進入。你的生活是通過耶穌的救恩。救恩是什麼?它被拯救。拯救什麼?拯救你的罪惡,死亡,辟邪,疾病等。拯救了什麼?拯救了國度,健康,自由,最終天堂。我們有救了。如果通過耶穌進入了,我有好消息告訴你:你已經得救。下一步是進出。對此我在準備時間時掙扎了一段期間。我覺得有一個因素連接到我們的想法,“見證是預言的靈。”耶穌說,我之前做了什麼,我會再做一次。耶穌是一扇門。也就是說,當他顯示(通過一個奇蹟或他的存在感),進入了另一個現實,超越我們所擁有的。我堅信,耶穌是在我們身邊並多過於我們想像的,他希望為我們打開門。我相信我們有實在的王牌,或更高,我們在這裡的現實是在地球上。這是神的國度。一個任務,我們必須在Aroma學習自由移動這個事實。我們可以進入天國…我們可以進去了。我相信這是比我們目前認為這是容易得多。這與我們的理解的變化開始。我們的思想需要更新(羅馬書12:1-2)。這扇門的最後一個元素是“牧場”。耶穌說,他的到來給我們豐富的生活。現在,正是這種生活的局限,我不敢說。我只相信一件事:它比我們想象的更好。它更充滿耶穌,他的喜悅,和平,力量,愛比我們想像的更多。我們需要保持自己不斷豐富的生命在基督裡的自由流動。他來到我們有生命,並且得的更豐盛。

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