“Feed My Sheep” – A Call to Discipleship

In John 21, Jesus tells Peter to feed His sheep. This is tied directly to John 10:11-16, a passage we recently went through at the Aroma, something that has been brought to our attention through several people sharing testimonies the last few weeks and months. This is a word that is on Aroma right now. We can feel it so strongly. God is saying: get my sheep, feed my sheep, help my sheep, heal my sheep, encourage my sheep, train my sheep, love on my sheep. And each one of you have a responsibility to this. You’re the Aroma! A simple word for some of you is that you need to learn what it means to think beyond yourself. Learn to give of yourself. why? Not because you feel guilty, but because you’re compelled by love. You’re moved by love. You’re a good shepherd, and you can learn from Jesus THE good shepherd. 1 Peter says we are a royal priesthood (1 Peter 1:9). We are ministers of the new covenant (1 Cor 3:6). We can’t afford to rely on one person or a few people. This generation, you, at the Aroma, can’t afford to sit around and wait for the pastor to do something. You’ve got to enter the door for yourselves. You’ve got to meet and intimately know the shepherd. And you’ve got to live from that as the Aroma everywhere you go! We’re the ones who help others walk through the door. We introduce them to the shepherd. They’ll know his voice. They’ll come. People have been seeing visions, having dreams, praying and hearing clearly from God that the time is coming when Aroma’s going to be exploding with people. This isn’t about it. This isn’t about you. It’s about Jesus. He’s the door. He’s the gate. And He’s inviting each of us to be the ones who host the presence of the Reality that comes when the door is opened. He’s inviting us to be the ones who hear his voice, follow him, and invite others to do. We need to step up. We need to people to boldly step up and enter the door. We need people to know the Shepherd more intimately. We need people to raise their hands and commit to finding another sheep and walking along the journey with them. To be honest, church, we are weak at discipleship. But I believe there are thousands of people out there who are going to be touched through the Aroma because of one on one discipleship, wherein you grab one sheep and feed them. Everyone needs to grab someone and read the Bible with them. Pray with them. Listen to them. Encourage them. Help them. Feed them. Feed my sheep (John 21:15-19). In the coming weeks and months, we must learn how to empower everyone to feed sheep as a lifestyle.

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