Psalm 23 for Workaholics and Performers

The Lord works on my behalf; I don’t lack anything. He makes me take rests outside the office and when no one is looking. He finds quiet places for me to be restored inside and out. He goes first in righteousness and then takes me with him so that everyone knows it was His work that made it possible, not mine. Even though someone might think less of me or fire me, I’m not afraid of anything – you already went before me and you walk with me; your tools are comforting as they shape and mold me. You help me have peace in the midst of the big deal and you actually pull it off. I’m anointed for your work and I’m overjoyed even when I don’t work. It’s true that your goodness and mercy are there for all days even when I don’t make it right, because I dwell in your house, not in my office, forever.

This is not the real Bible (for that, go here), just a personal experience The Lord walked me through one morning as I was frustrated for not having gotten up early enough to get all my work done before my work day started. I think some of my friends could use a similar experience. My prayer is they this isn’t a theological debate but an opportunity to encounter the God who made the Sabbath.



  1. I like your contemporary commentary of Psalm 23. It’s interesting that even as Pastors, we can create an idol out of our work “ministry.” Its tempting because its all about Jesus, but sometimes it can be a pride issue because we try to perform great and become perfectionists, just like those in the secular world. Thank God that my righteousness is not found in my work, even if its ministry, but its found in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Thanks brother.

  2. True that God’s love for us is not based upon our performance. When we realize that, He will begin teaching us about His perfect love. And for work, you can’t REST more than you WORK and expect God to bless your DREAMS! God will only bless what u are willing TO DO! (Psalms 1:4) And God had equipped us with everything we need in Him to accomplish what we could never do alone!

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