Team Values @ Envision and The Aroma

The Aroma is one of fourteen Envision sites around the world.  The desire of Envision is to “raise up the next generation for Kingdom change.”  I attended an Envision regional meeting in Thailand in October. We reviewed our worldwide team values. They are transferable regardless of your context. Take a look.

  • 信靠上帝和團隊 – Reliance Upon God and Others
  • 支持團隊的意象 – Buy-in to the Vision
  • 展現好的企圖心 – Assume Good Intent
  • 互相扶持 – Have Each Others’ Backs
  • 有話不悶在心裡 – Keep Short Accounts
  • 聰明工作,認真玩 – Work Hard and Play Hard
  • 為團隊犧牲奉獻 – Commitment to the Team


How would these apply to you TODAY?

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