Move… Get on the Bus (in the right spot)

After careful scrutiny, a wise leader makes a clean sweep of rebels and dolts. (Proverbs 20:26 MSG)

There are three important pieces at stake in organizing a team.

1) Attitude

When we adopt the correct attitude, that is the servant attitude that Jesus had, we can fit into almost any organization.  This is a core value that people must have when engaging in a team.  As a leader, it’s your job to seek God’s counsel on whether or not this person is willing to adopt the right attitudes to embrace the team.  This includes things like teachability, humility, grace towards others, etc.  Without the right attitude, someone could have an amazing skill set and still not be the right person for the job.  I prefer attitude over skill set.

2) Gifting / Skill-set / Training

When we have the right skill set, we can get the job done.  This might have to do with sales, or administration, or design, or customer service.  Many of these skill sets or giftings come naturally and are trained or educated into people.  You might find a person with a natural gifting at sales, that, when combined with additional training, causes said person to become successful.  This success can be multiplied when relying on the Holy Spirit.

3) Availability

Unfortunately, someone can have the perfect attitude, an amazing skill set, but be unwilling or unable to give much of his or her time.  Perhaps, he or she isn’t cut out for leadership, or perhaps that person should be put into a position on a team where someone else can be responsible (with more dedicated time) while that person is able to assist in a supportive role.

The idea behind this is getting rid of those don’t have the correct attitude, skill set, and/or availability.


(Title Credit: Jim Collins, Good to Great)

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