Project Management Apps (RIP,

——– UPDATE ———

I’m not sure if it’s just because I need the sexiness of a new app every once in a while or if I really am getting busier, but I’ve spent some time reviewing the task management scene and there are some hot new updates I need to throw up here.

I’ve been using Apple’s Reminders a lot recently.  It’s ubiquitous on all my Apple products (MBA, iMac, iPad, iPhone) and keeps track of things in general.  I like the “Today” view as a way of seeing how much I have left before I lay my head down. I also like that Siri can add tasks for me (why isn’t there an API for 3rd parties yet?).  Furthermore, I appreciate that I can share a list with a coworker so that we know how much is left on a project.  However, my iPhone has some kind of a “Today curse” on it, because even after resets and updates, I can’t get it to show me whats on my list for today.  I know this is a major FWP, but it’s stinking annoying.  The other thing that bothers me is how it doesn’t do a good job of handling collaboration or showing advanced views of what I have coming up.  Furthermore, as my list gets increasingly long, it gets more and more difficult to manage things clearly.  I’d like an app where I can dump things into it from any platform, attach coworkers, files and links, and even possibly be able to track and do reviews.

So, I’ve come up with two options: Asana or Todoist (and added a 3rd).

  • Asana is first because it starts with “A.”  They’ve recently redone their iPhone app there are several things that are growing on me.
    • price: free up to 15 users
      • Starting @ $50/m if you need secret projects
    • basic premise: Teams!
    • extra goodies
      • awesome keyboard shortcuts
      • good training videos
      • 3rd party resources
      • email integration
      • customizable views to help you focus
      • other app integrations, like CloudMagic
  • Todoist
    • price: $3/user/month
    • basic premise: Simplicity!
    • extra goodies
      • good keyboard shortcuts
      • excellent help and tutorial section
      • native apps for everything (13 different platforms)
      • simple views that help you focus on exactly what you need to be focusing on
      • custom labels, filters
  • Slack
    • price: free unless you need some advanced features, then $7/user/month
    • basic premise: Transparency of Social Media, efficiency of Email
    • extra goodies
      • integrations tons of different apps
      • fully searchable history (advanced)
      • usage statistics (advanced)

Which one would you chose?

——– ORIGINAL ———

In a couple of weeks I will have yet again trade out my project management app.  I had really started to get into a rhythm with as it offered simplicity with connectivity and a couple of bonus features I came to appreciate.  On the quest for a replacement, I’m reviewing a few and since I was asked by a couple of friends for advice, I figured I would post it for everyone to get some insight together.

My task list has to have a couple of important features in order to make it:

  1. multiple users, so I can share tasks with other teammates (the more the merrier, but I need at least 3)
  2. multiple platforms, or at least a website that’s navigable from a 4in iPhone screen.
  3. less than $30/m, I can’t imagine spending much more than the $0 I was paying for

Programs I reviewed

  1. Action Method (discontinued as of 6/2014), love their methodology written in “Making Ideas Happen,” but the app is one of the pricier options, unless you can get a non-profit discount.
  2. Asana, 15 free users (starting at $50/m after that or for advanced features), and lots of great features like tons of transparency between users, multiple ways to distribute workflows, and a huge library of training videos.
  3. Insightly, integrates with Google Apps, offers CRM, which is super-useful for small businesses that need project management and deal with tons of customers (3 users = free, after that it’s $29+/m)
  4. Videgree, written in my new hometown, Taiwan, and includes a lot of fun features like CRM functions, importing from several different sources.
  5. 5pm, works in scheduling, too.
  6. 2Do, getting more and more beautiful.
  7. Gantt Pro, heavy focus on Gantt Charts, more strictly project management.
  8. Rocket Project, fun independent group that wants to help!

Currently, I’m getting into Videgree, because it ties in with our POS (cash register) system, but I appreciate especially Action Method’s ideals, Asana’s communal aspects, and Insightly’s integration with core products, like Google Apps.  What about you?  What do you use for Project Management, To-Do lists, and/or CRM?



  1. You should also try out Sandglaz. You can actually import your projects and try it out for free. There’s a promotion for Do users and a 1-click import – and it seems to fit all your 3 requests in a task manager.

    Hope you find your match! Happy New Year!

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