Month: February 2014

3 ways to Communicate Better and Be More Efficient

In an effort, to increase communication at The Aroma for the purpose of improving relationships and being more efficient, we have set up an “SOC” (standard of communication) that we will be attempting to work throughout the ministry.

I’m so glad we got together today and discussed communication on the team. To review, we chatted about the following:
  • 1) Prioritize Face to Face and Phone Calls
  • 2) Follow Up with Email
    • Check email daily (if you can, respond right away, or at least within three days)
    • If you are in charge of a project, send updates to me weekly
    • If you have a meeting with your team, have someone write notes and finalized decisions.  Then, send those notes to me.
    • When you ask someone for something over email, provide the following
      • Project Name and Brief Introduction
      • Point Person in charge of the project and other contact people involved
      • Project Deadline
      • Project Details
    • Clean out your email inbox and use it as a todo list.
    • Use effective subject lines so that people can search for information about your project when they need it.
    • Don’t delete an email until you’ve finished the task involved.  This allows your email to be your task list.
  • 3) Use other types of communication, like LINE and Facebook, for quick questions and opinions, but ALWAYS follow up with pertinent information and tasks via email.

We’ll be trying this for a month and see how it’s going. I hope we can become communication ninja’s at The Aroma!

How about you?  What communication tips would you suggest?