Month: March 2014

7 Words of Wisdom in Leadership

We’ve had the privilege of serving with Yinkon Her over the last six weeks.  He’s brought a fresh vibrance and perspective to The Aroma and we are super-grateful.  On one of our last bike rides together, we spent time sharing highlights and insights into the time we’ve spent together.  As we biked down the riverside and chatted, it became apparent to me that we are shaping the future of business, the church, and missions.  The things we say and do today, the attitudes and postures that we adopt, create what these pillars of society will look like years from now.  This is why it’s so important that we stay close to the Creator of all things and pursue more of what he has for us.

Here are some of the Words of Wisdom we left with each other:

  1. Never stop learning.  Books, articles, seminars, videos, conversations, no matter how you do it, never stop learning. It will be increasingly important that we synthesize information and concepts from a plethora of fields.  If you’re in business, read stuff about business.  But don’t stop there.  Read science.  Read medical. Read philosophy. Never stop learning.
  2. Spend more time in the prayer room. Your best and most important connection is to God.  Let Him be an abundant resource to you, a resource of strength, joy, passion, insight, and inspiration.
  3. Develop deeper relationships with those close to you. Invest as much as you can in the people around you and don’t let your emotions run to the point where it damages your relationship.  Invest in the people close to you.  Invest time.  Invest money. Invest your heart.  Invest your resources.  Invest your connections.  Invest everything you have.  The better they are, the better off you will be.
  4. Keep your cool.  When the situation gets tough, don’t settle for short-sided emotional outbursts or depressed thinking.  Especially in leadership, many people follow your lead on emotions.  If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed with a situation, others will do the same.  Conversely, if you keep your cool in tough situations, realizing that the worst case scenario usually isn’t that bad, you’ll end up avoiding a lot of tough situations and you want have to apologize as much (because you don’t make the stupid remarks that get you in trouble in the first place).
  5. Balance work and family time. “Religiously” adhere to time devoted to your family.  Make sure you’re there when you’re there.  Don’t let work or ministry or other things distract you from the incredible opportunity you have with your family.  God will bless you for setting time aside to be with them.
  6. Find a mentor (bull pen). Gather people around you from all areas of life who can speak into your situation.  Get doctors for medical stuff, business people for strategies and insight, pastors for people care, etc.  Spend time with these people when you can.  Skype them more often than that.  Don’t limit yourself to a certain geographical location.  Rather, gather the best of the best around you and allow them to challenge you.
  7. Focus. Whatever you’re setting out to do, focus on it.  Say no to the things that distract you from bringing this about.  Be disciplined.  Don’t give in to lesser things.  Set big goals and go after them.
  8. Drink a salt coffee every Monday. Get some fun habits in your life that you can share with people you care about.  Even do some things that are beyond your natural sense of desires.

Thank you, Yinkon. You have forever left a mark on Aroma and we can’t wait to see you back here again.

How about you? What’s your word of wisdom for leadership?

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One Type of Person You Need In Life

We are all aware of needing people in our lives, but I was recently reminded of how important a certain type of person is.

I call him (or her) “the super-power revealer.”  You could call this person “the encourager,” “the empowerer,” or “my buddy,” but the point is all the same.  This is the person who wants to see you succeed.  Last week, I spent a few hours with a friend of mine who is trying to decide what to do as a nest step in life.  He sat down and told me about times he’s felt alive, filled with God’s presence.  He told me about times where he had been able to walk alongside others as they found their passions.  He mentioned helping them adjust nuance and minutiae for much more productive outcomes. He talked about the miracles that God had done when he preyed in these contexts.

I thought to myself, “Wow, each one of us could use one of him around.”  Then it hit me, we can be one of these people. God’s 10 commandments along with a myriad of Scripture spattered throughout the New Testament remind us that our words have power, and when coupled with God’s Presence, we can be the ones who reveal super-powers to those around us.

He told me three things to do:

1) encourage endlessly
2) bring teams together
3) challenge and change even the smallest details

I challenge you to find one person and to help them see their God-given super-power and potential.  I’m sure you won’t regret it, and neither will they.

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