One Type of Person You Need In Life

We are all aware of needing people in our lives, but I was recently reminded of how important a certain type of person is.

I call him (or her) “the super-power revealer.”  You could call this person “the encourager,” “the empowerer,” or “my buddy,” but the point is all the same.  This is the person who wants to see you succeed.  Last week, I spent a few hours with a friend of mine who is trying to decide what to do as a nest step in life.  He sat down and told me about times he’s felt alive, filled with God’s presence.  He told me about times where he had been able to walk alongside others as they found their passions.  He mentioned helping them adjust nuance and minutiae for much more productive outcomes. He talked about the miracles that God had done when he preyed in these contexts.

I thought to myself, “Wow, each one of us could use one of him around.”  Then it hit me, we can be one of these people. God’s 10 commandments along with a myriad of Scripture spattered throughout the New Testament remind us that our words have power, and when coupled with God’s Presence, we can be the ones who reveal super-powers to those around us.

He told me three things to do:

1) encourage endlessly
2) bring teams together
3) challenge and change even the smallest details

I challenge you to find one person and to help them see their God-given super-power and potential.  I’m sure you won’t regret it, and neither will they.

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