32 Things Fathers Do by Paul Manwaring

I recently heard a podcast that really stirred my heart.  Here are some notes.

Focus on what you do have or what you don’t have. Father people. Father organizations. Become sons and daughters who become fathers and mothers. There are enough resources. Be jealous for experiences with sons. Be jealous of something or for something. Go on the trip of a lifetime. If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the father.

32 things fathers do

  1. Fix things. Restore and rebuild.
  2. Believe in their kids.
  3. Show the world.
  4. Help them discover what they love. Give the desire. Grace the desire
  5. Show children how to love wives
  6. Give permission
  7. Blessing
  8. Provide
  9. Steward resources
  10. Serve their family with pleasure
  11. Create culture of the home
  12. Create memories, landmarks and targets.
  13. Truth, goodness, beauty. Moral compass. Healthy debate.
  14. Introduce to the right people
  15. Love unconditionally, Luke 15. Here’s the ring, robe, sandal.
  16. Celebrate and throw parties even if they don’t deserve i.
  17. Give identity, Ephesians 3.
  18. Learning to focus and be thankful
  19. Change the orphans cry for more out of lack to the cry for more from hearts of sons and daughters and abundance.
  20. Beauty and mystery, and wonder
  21. Direction, safety and freedom
  22. Don’t envy kids
  23. Show and model affections, good and bad emotions and be responsible
  24. Relationship first
  25. Create opportunities. Not nepotism. We are meant to create opportunities.
  26. Raise favorites. Not fair. Favorite. If you treat all kids fair you’ll fair. Fair is the political  spirit. Favorites is we know identity, calling gifts
  27. Further, higher, wider, deeper than ever
  28. Give inheritance and blessing
  29. Pay a price, be authentic
  30. don’t burden your kids before their ready
  31. create a joyful, hopeful, faithful culture
  32. redeem lost years

Which one hit you this time you read through them? I believe a different one will hit you each time.


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