Dry Bones in Business (企業中的枯骨)

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God’s Word is perfect.  It’s filled with all kinds of insight.  Unfortunately, we so often limit it to what it says about what should happen in the church.  Well, God can’t be limited.  I was recently encouraged by a friend to re-examine Ezekiel 37 as it pertains to business.

This is the story of Ezekiel being challenged by God to speak life into something that he wasn’t even sure he wanted.  God led Ezekiel out into a place in the desert where there were tons of VERY dry bones.  God asked if the bones could be resurrected and Ezekiel tried the cop-out answer.  God pushed back and said, “Make it work” (shameless Tim Gunn voice).

Verse 6 is a key: “And I will lay sinews upon you, and will cause flesh to come upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and you shall live, and you shall know that I am the Lord.”

In business, God is looking to restore 4 things:

  1. Sinews = Systems.  God wants to give us His systems, His ways, His ideas.
  2. Muscle = People.  God wants His people involved.
  3. Skin = Communication/Marketing.  God wants us to have increased levels of communication both inside and outside the team.
  4. Breathe = Presence.  God wants us to experience what it’s like to operate our business in the power and leading of the Holy Spirit.

We began praying these points over Aroma.  It’s been a while now, and I can say the results have been extremely encouraging.

  • God is giving us new insight into how to organize our SOP.  He’s given us creative ideas, but He’s also brought people with advanced experience in this area.  They’ve come as volunteers!
  • God helped us get (re)new(ed) people signed up to help with event planning, marketing, and even cleaning.  Some are volunteers, others are paid.
  • God increased our standards and clarified our internal communication procedures.  He also gave us insight into effective strategies for marketing.
  • God has manifested His Presence each day with things like increased joy, a deeper sense of commitment to His vision, a sense of power, physical manifestations in some people’s bodies, and even increased sales.

We believe God can take any set of VERY dry bones and breathe new life into it.  Where are the dry bones in your company?  Is it the system? the culture? the people? your SOP? communication? operations?

Ask God what He wants to do.  Declare His truth.  Receive the fulfillment of His promises over you and your business.


神的話是完美的、充滿各種見解。可惜的是,在教會,我們往往小看了神的大能。然而神是不能被限制的! 最近,我受到朋友的鼓勵重新再審視以西結書第37章,因為該章節內容與企業經營有關。









  • 神使我們了解如何籌畫馨香堂的標準作業流程。神不僅已賜給我們創意點子,更帶來許多豐富經驗的行家。他們都以同工身分來到馨香堂。
  • 神幫助使新朋友(友人),報名協助我們活動規劃,企業行銷,甚至是清潔的工作,有些是志工,有些是支薪的。
  • 神提升我們的水準,並且清楚的告訴我們內在溝通程序。神讓我們明白什麼是有效的行銷策略。
  • 神藉由我們漸增的喜悅,對神意象更深的交託,對神大能的體悟,他人身上充滿神蹟的見證及蒸蒸日上的營業額,彰顯神每日的同在。

我們相信神能撿起任何一簇枯骨,呼一口氣使他們成為新的生命。哪裡是你公司之枯骨? 是系統? 文化? 人? 標準作業流程? 溝通方法? 運作方式?

問神要做甚麼? 宣告神的真理,好好感受神在你身上及公司(企業)內之應許吧!

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