Life Lessons From Surfing

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I’m no master at surfing.  My 30 minute lesson in Thailand didn’t help me gain perfect balance or conquer every wave or anything like that.  But as I tried to stay afloat amidst the waves crashing around me, a few lessons came to mind.

  • Find a good teacher, someone with experience. We talked down the price a bit, and it helped a ton.  He was able to show us which waves worked best, how to paddle and get positioned, and how to stand up on the board. Whatever you’re doing in life, get someone who knows the path you’re walking.  They can give you a lot of insight.
  • You fall back down, but you can get back up again. Surfing isn’t easy and neither is life.  But you can always hop back up and go for it again!
  • Have a group of cheerleaders to back you up. My friends and our kids were on the beach cheering me on and video-taping it.  I was so thrilled each time they yelled my name!
  • You can get one more ride in before the sun sets. It’s never to late.  Whatever you’re doing, don’t have any regrets.  Go after it!  If there’s an opportunity before you, grab it!

The Big Idea is this: grab something from everything.  You’ll learn a ton.



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