Guidelines in Fasting

Most of what I’m going to share comes from IHOP‘s vast array of resources on prayer and fasting, including a page on Guidelines in Fasting. Feel free to go straight to the source.  Or you can read on for a more distilled version that The Aroma is going to use.

Before the Fast

  • Physically: eat healthy (fresh) and begin eating smaller meals
    • fruit and vegetable fast
    • water only
    • total fast
  • Spiritually: ask God for grace

During the Fast

  • Physically: be clear about what you’re going to do
    • drink LOTS of water
    • bowels, kidneys, lungs, and skin are going through detoxification processes. expect discomfort.
  • Spiritually: slow down
    • seek spiritual advice
    • don’t boast
    • fast with someone else
    • read the Word
    • expect to hear from Him
    • expect opposition

After the Fast

  • Physically: ease back into eating
  • Spiritually: thank God for grace

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