5 Ways to Get Your Passion Back

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Before we moved to Taiwan, we had a few people tell us we shouldn’t go. They said we hadn’t received enough training, or Taiwan was too hard of a place, or nothing would happen. The reasoning was well-played, but we didn’t listen.

I remember shortly after we moved here listening to a particular song on repeat. The lyrics of the bridge go something like this:

Our days were numbered by nights on too rooftops
They said we’re wasting our lives
At least we know, that if we died, we lived with passion
They said we burn so bright

That’s what it was like at the beginning. Our lives were full of passion. We made tons of mistakes. We “wasted our lives.” But we lived with passion. And that’s what we still need. That’s what God has in store for you. Get your passion back. Everything flows from passion.

Here are 5 ways to get your passion back

  1. Pray, not like you do now, but like you did then. Pray hard. Get on your knees. Pray for hours on end. Pray for big things.
  2. Quit, Seth Godin’s The Dip can teach you a lot about how to quit well.
  3. Read, the Bible, testimonies, novels, non-fiction, across your area of expertise.
  4. Exercise, who cares if you don’t normally do this, just do it. Get out there and get something.
  5. Watch, documentaries, movies, they often do wonders for restoring passion

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