Month: December 2015

Steve Harvey and Objective, Universal Truth

A friend recently forwarded this video to me:

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In it comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey interviews a man who returned a pile of cash ($98,000US to be exact) he found stashed in a desk he bought on Craigslist. At one point, our lovable returner-rabbi said, “This was the only option for us. We were taught from a young age to be considerate about the feelings of others.” Great stories like this happen all the time, but I was particularly touched by the crowd’s positive response. They looked upon him with enduring eyes and cheered him with ferocious claps. We could potentially argue that for at least a brief moment, they, who I’m guessing were largely not orthodox Jews, were united by “the human spirit.”

Yet, in a world that seems increasingly marked by selfishness and sadness, I find it hard to believe that “human spirit” on its own could have much to do with this unity much less the man’s decision to return the money outright.

Instead, I propose the human spirit points us to something more. Indeed, we have been created (regardless of how long you believe it took) by a selfless God who wanted us to live in selfless relationship with Him and each other. I invite you to consider what it would look like if we were to return to a time when we believed there might possibly be something outside of ourselves.

The quest for reality will always lead you outside of yourself, for you can’t be your own source (from How People Grow, on sale for $2.99 as of writing).

So, where does this lead us? It leads us to something offensive called “objective truth.” Some things go beyond you. They go beyond your peeps. They go beyond your culture. They are universal. They are untainted by the ebb and flow, the ups and downs, of life. They point us to something, Someone, outside ourselves. This is why C. S. Lewis could confidently pen, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”


Party Time

It’s Christmas! During this crazy season, we need to just relax a little bit and have a party. Thankfulness creates a party in your heart and mind that will transform your day! The party I suggest is a Thankful Party. Seriously, I just spent 30 minutes with a friend listing all the things we could think of. It was awesome! Here’s what we came up with (in no particular order):

  • Music
  • Food
  • Family, biological and spiritual
  • Everything we need for life and godliness
  • Skype
  • Unity
  • Spiritual Hunger
  • Healing
  • Pianos
  • Beauty
  • Friendship, deep friendship
  • Wisdom
  • Strength

What would you add? Enjoy your party!

Idea Super Glue (or Made to Stick)

I was given a copy of “Made to Stick” a few months ago. In a response to some feedback about my communication, I decided to pick it  up and give it a read. I wish I had read it when I first received it. What an excellent book. Here’s a brief summary and a short ruling on why I think it’s worth your time to read it for yourself.

The brothers Chip and Dean Heath approach the topic of effective communication from several different avenues to help us understand why some ideas stay with us  while others fade into oblivion. More than theory, these practitioners give concrete evidence and methods to help anyone make their ideas “sticky.” Their hope is that worthwhile ideas will stand a chance in a culture that is saturated with less than ideal mantras consuming the majority of our memory capacity. Essentially, sticky ideas have these 6 elements:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Unexpectedness
  3. Concreteness
  4. Credibility
  5. Emotion
  6. Stories

If you’re a communicator of any type (sales person, manager, , I highly suggest picking up a copy and applying its principles to the content you’re creating. Just yesterday I remarked to a friend, “Communication is more than just content.” I hope your worthwhile content gets a layer of super glue so that you can communicate effective change.  What has your experience been with a sticky idea?

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Money Ruins Your Performance

You might not believe this, but science shows, some motivators have messed us up. Watch this 10 minute video on the science of motivation and then get back to me!

Three things that science shows motivate us.

Three things that science shows motivate us.

Beyond a certain amount of money (enough to make you stop thinking about it), money doesn’t motivate you. Please, stop worrying so much about money and start worrying about purpose, mastery and autonomy. Find your passion and you’ll have high performance and personal satisfaction!

At Aroma, we want to “help people smell, become and spread the Aroma of Christ.” We are going to change the world and you can be the Aroma, too!