How People Grow Summary and Top 10 Quotes

How People Grow is an excellent book that shows the reality of growth happening in people’s lives. It begins with a creation account as an outline for how growth happens. The authors go on to outline a number of excellent ways in which people grow. They say “all growth is spiritual growth,” and they do a great job of showing how dealing with issues like “being physically unhealthy” or “marriage problems” can all be dealt with by following the principles outlined in Scripture. Here are 10 quotes thoughts I appreciated. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the book’s extensive content. If any one of these have peaked your interest in anyway, I invite you to read the book (as of this writing, it’s on sale for $2.99).

Quotes that Made the Cut (QMC):

  • When we finally understand that God isn’t mad at us anymore, we become free to concentrate on love and growth instead of trying to appease him.
  • To be truly biblical, as well as truly effective, the growth process must include the Body of Christ.
  • One of the executives of the organization, who is a friend of mine, asked, “What difference do you see between groups for people with problems and groups for normal people?” Henry and I looked at each other and said, “There is just one kind of group.”
  • It is sad to see [a] dynamic of the law happen in the church and then see the opposite happen in Twelve Step groups. In these recovery groups, people are taught that the very first thing to do when you fail is to call someone in the group and get to a meeting. They are taught to “run to grace,” as it were, to turn immediately to their higher power and their support system.
  • Discipline provides the structure for love to grow us up.
  • In your work with people, you have to be a funeral director, showing them that they need to die not only to the law, but also to themselves. All of their efforts have not worked, and they need to die to trying. To get people to give up is very hard, but it must be done so that they can try God instead.
  • If one of you walked out of this meeting and a guy with a mask walked up to you in the dark parking lot, took out a knife, stabbed you in the stomach, took all your money, and left you in an unconscious state, you would call him a mugger. Someone would call the police, and they would try to find the perpetrator. But if you left this meeting, drove down the street to the local hospital, and a guy with a mask came to you in a brightly lit room, took out a knife, cut your stomach open, took all your money, and left you in an unconscious state, you would call him a doctor and thank him for helping you. One is a mugging, and the other is surgery.
  • Grief is the one pain that heals all others. It is the most important pain there is.
  • Getting righteous and aligned with the ways of the kingdom and getting healthy are one and the same thing.
  • The Bible teaches we are to do our part by faith and the Spirit will do his part by his power… God designed spiritual growth to be an active partnership with him… Passivity is a problem, not a virtue.

Which one is your favorite?

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