Gallons of Grace


We just got the car from heaven. It’s not because it’s really the most amazing car.

Knowing we were coming back to the States for three months, we decided we needed to have a set of wheels to help us get around while in Minnesota. We reached out to family and friends to see if anyone had anything available and a couple of people started looking around. 

In the end, my father in law decided to buy us a vehicle. We started looking around for options. His price range was set a little higher than I felt comfortable with. I explained that I’d always grown up working hard for things and earning them. 

Dave sat at the kitchen table and explained that we’re part of the family. He credited God for providing what they have and talked about how proud of us they are. He said it was no big deal, but that he really wanted us to be taken care of. 

As we went car shopping, he constantly asked my opinion of things and then negotiated a deal for a great vehicle that was indeed outside of our personal price range. 

The next morning, as we were preparing to take our new Lincoln Aviator on our first trip, Dave stole the keys and filled up the tank. 

We’re literally driving down the road a vehicle purchased by grace and fueled by grace. 

This is the kind of life I want to live. Andy Mason talks about the “cycle of Sonship” in his quick, but profound book entitled “God With You Work.” 

 In the family, we are connected and receive an inheritance to increase 
He understands that in the kingdom, we begin with the value of family. It leads to connection with God, the Father. In our relationship with Him and through our connection to Him, we receive an inheritance and learn to increase it. 

I have a strengthened desire not only to use this vehicle well, but to increase it, to invest in it. My hope is that I would learn how to live by grace, which freely receives and can freely give, but also expects more than “earning it,” because grace empowers. Our vehicle has been purchased by the blood of Jesus our tank is filled by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What’s stopping us from driving right into what He has for us today?

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