She gets it. Do you want to know the secrets of multiplication in your organization?

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Here’s how.

I recently finished “Multipliers” by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown. I suggest reading it sometime. One basic assumption that I appreciated was “People are smart and can figure things out.” I suggest integrating these top 5 takeaways now:

  1. Pull Weeds: Be a talent magnet: “Pull some weeds” or remove people that are holding others back.
  2. Label Opinions: Be a liberator: Label your opinions as “soft” (an idea or perspective) or “hard” (a clear and/or emphatic point of view).
  3. Ask Questions: Be a challenger: Extend a concrete challenge and ask great questions like “How would you propose we solve this?”
  4. Use Data: Be a debate maker: Back and base decisions with data.
  5. Force F-I-X: Be an investor: Never allow people to give an A-W-K without an F-I-X. Invite people to finish their own work and invest in themselves by stretching and offering solutions to problems they’ve identified.

If you can attract top talent by empowering them, setting them free, and creating a culture of challenge, debate and investment, you’ll see exponential growth in your company. They see their studies revealed 2x to 10x growth when companies were led by multipliers over diminishers.

Drucker and Fields have been quoted as saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” May your organization be wildly successful as it enjoys a hearty breakfast of healthy and empowered culture.

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