The Truth Zone: How Slightly Adjusting Can Bring Big Results

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What do Joel Osteen, a Fitness App, Jim Collins, Toggla Parenting Class, and How To Measure Anything all have in common? They all focus on measuring and disseminating truth for change.

Truth sets us free. Truth guides us. Truth helps us understand what is and what could be.

I’m excited for you to begin making some slight adjustments in your life that will lead to huge results. I call it “The Truth Zone.”

The Truth Zone happens when speak out truth, regardless of the context. A problem we face today is a denial of the truth. Let’s look at two examples of The Truth Zone helping:

  • The Truth Zone in Health: It just hit me one day. I was gaining weight. It wasn’t going well. I decided to start entering food intake and exercise into this app. Each day, The Truth Zone has challenged me to eat healthier, exercise and take in more water. I’ve lost 8lbs since I started two weeks ago.
  • The Truth Zone in Time Management: My ego loves bragging about how much time I spend working. The truth is, I often waste time or get distracted. Using this app helps me track what I’m actually doing with my time each week. The Truth Zone about my time helps me set more realistic goals and stay on pace with what I need to be doing.

You can enter The Truth Zone in any situation. “What you measure gets managed” (we’re not sure Who Said It).  You have to be willing to start somewhere, track it, and take risks for improvement. Even 1% improvements yield huge results!

Stop denying the truth in your life. Choose something. Enter The Truth Zone. Stay there until it changes.

How will The Truth Zone help you?

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