Month: May 2016

Summer Reading (and Watching) 2016

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I was recently asked for book recommendations over the summer. Here’s what I shared with them (all books I’ve read):

  • God With You At Work: One of my most highly recommended. It talks about how you can invite God to be with you everyday, even when you’re at work!
  • Anointed for Business: The author has started an amazing network that’s responsible for transformed cities all over the world.
  • BAM: If you need a nearly exhaustive study of the history and praxis of business and mission, pick up this anthology.
  • Marketplace Miracles: Read this fast-flying book for short stories of God’s work in the business sector.
  • What I wish I knew when I was 20: The author has had a lot of life experience and writes in an addictive manner!
  • Rework: Read this book to be encouraged about looking at things differently. It’s got some attitude.
  • Lean Startup: Read this book for an in-depth analysis of how to do “management accounting” (which isn’t what you think it is).
  • Love Works: I highly recommend this book for its posture of living out the love chapter in the marketplace.
  • The Advantage: This book gives an excellent framework for developing a healthy team.
  • Uncharitable: This book changed my entire perspective on business and the church.
  • Great by Choice: One of my more recent reads, this was perfect timing for my 30th year of life.

And here are books I’m planning on tackling in the next 3-6 months:

And here are some videos or online classes I’m going to go for as well:

What else will you be reading or watching this summer?


Two Power Prayers that Will Change Everything Today

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We talk about prayer as an important aspect of our lives, but sometimes, we struggle to get started or even know if our prayers are working. Do you sometimes find yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation? There’s one prayer that will change everything. Have you been praying a prayer for weeks, months, years, and still everything seems at a standstill? There’s one prayer that will change everything! The Bible says that prayer is “powerful and effective” as its based in the righteousness that God has given us through Jesus Christ (James 5:16). You can have a powerful and effective prayer life, too. Here are two prayers you can pray that will change the situation you’re in.

  • In 1 Kings 18, we read about Elijah standing up to the prophets of Baal. Israel wasn’t following God and all seemed desperately hopeless. But Elijah choose to stand in the gap and seek God for revival. He decided to invite the prophets of Baal to a showdown to see whose God answers with fire. In one prayer, Elijah sparked a revival that touched an entire nation (1 Kings 18:16-40). Elijah prayed what we will call “the prayer of fire.” In one moment, he invited God to reveal himself as “the God who answers with fire” (1 Kings 18:24). God responded in that very moment and things changed. He’s inviting God’s justice to reign in the land.
  • Just a few verses later in 1 Kings 18:41-46, Elijah has another opportunity to prayer for rain to fall on the land that’s in a drought. Yet, this time the prayer doesn’t get answered instantly. In fact, Elijah has to pray seven times before God responds. In this case, Elijah is praying for rain. He’s not slow. He’s patient. God’s goodness is beautiful. He’s inviting God’s mercy to reign in the land. When you pray for something and it doesn’t seem to come quickly, don’t give up. The God of Mercy is coming. His rain is going to fall.

You are righteous in Christ and your prayers are powerful and effective. You can choose today to pray the prayer of fire and the prayer of rain to see how God will move. Enter into each situation with a fresh expectation that God will do something great!