Summer Reading (and Watching) 2016

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I was recently asked for book recommendations over the summer. Here’s what I shared with them (all books I’ve read):

  • God With You At Work: One of my most highly recommended. It talks about how you can invite God to be with you everyday, even when you’re at work!
  • Anointed for Business: The author has started an amazing network that’s responsible for transformed cities all over the world.
  • BAM: If you need a nearly exhaustive study of the history and praxis of business and mission, pick up this anthology.
  • Marketplace Miracles: Read this fast-flying book for short stories of God’s work in the business sector.
  • What I wish I knew when I was 20: The author has had a lot of life experience and writes in an addictive manner!
  • Rework: Read this book to be encouraged about looking at things differently. It’s got some attitude.
  • Lean Startup: Read this book for an in-depth analysis of how to do “management accounting” (which isn’t what you think it is).
  • Love Works: I highly recommend this book for its posture of living out the love chapter in the marketplace.
  • The Advantage: This book gives an excellent framework for developing a healthy team.
  • Uncharitable: This book changed my entire perspective on business and the church.
  • Great by Choice: One of my more recent reads, this was perfect timing for my 30th year of life.

And here are books I’m planning on tackling in the next 3-6 months:

And here are some videos or online classes I’m going to go for as well:

What else will you be reading or watching this summer?


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