Month: June 2016

Should You Kill Your Most Important Meeting? (We Just Did)


On June 12th, we started a renewal process at The Aroma. A group comprised of some of the leaders of the coffee shop, church and Envision are coming together for weekly times of prayer and discussion revolving around our intimacy with God, vision, values, teamwork, workflow, and learning and growth moving forward. Much of what I share throughout the coming weeks will be insights gained from this 90 day process.

Every organization has meetings and not everyone is always excited about them. But meetings should be purposeful and effective. ReWork has some great insights on why meetings stink and how to make them better.

For the past year, we’ve tried a new meeting called 30/90. It’s once-a-month chance to get leaders from all three parts of Aroma into the same room to celebrate what God has done the last 30 days and look forward to what God’s going to do the next 90 days. But many people are particularly un-excited about this one. In fact, a group of leaders from the coffee shop, church and Envision spent time talking about the purpose of the 30/90 meeting and whether we are actually fulfilling that purpose or not.

We talked about our personal views, community views and overall aroma views on the usefulness of the meeting and found that 62.5% of us voting believe┬áthat it is not useful for us personally, our community elements, or Aroma as a whole. We believe it’s because we aren’t communicating the information or how it relates to each group well. Because of that, people don’t care enough about the information, which means they aren’t actually engaging with it or praying about it during the rest of the month. Additionally, almost 50 hours of labor are spent preparing for and attending the meeting. That’s hugely wasteful!

Instead, we are going to 1) communicate the vision of Aroma, 2) share specific wins and losses, 3) make metrics more available, and 4) create spaces and times for us to pray together.

How about you? What’s something wasteful that’s missed it’s purpose? Can you repurpose it? If not, maybe you should kill it.