Start with Why

On June 12th, we started a renewal process at The Aroma. A group comprised of some of the leaders of the coffee shop, church and Envision are coming together for weekly times of prayer and discussion revolving around our intimacy with God, vision, values, teamwork, workflow, and learning and growth moving forward. Much of what I share throughout the coming weeks will be insights gained from this 90 day process.

So far, we’ve had a lot of insightful and even painful discussion about where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. But the best conversation so far has revolved around our prayer meeting. We started by talking about why we have prayer meetings. Answers included “unity” and “discernment.” But, we broke out into a fury of interesting conversation around what our expectations are. It didn’t occur to me until the day after (following prayer and other conversations) that the biggest issue centered around answering this question: “Why am I coming to this prayer meeting.” Simon Sinek was right: you Start with Why. For us, starting with why had two main concerns that go all the way back to the first prayer meetings we ever did in 2008: grow personally, grow in community and grow on mission. This simple outline that I’ve used 1,000 times became a thorn in the side of many people in our organization. It’s because we confused our purpose of these prayer meetings. We actually need three kinds of prayer: our personal prayer connecting with God, our community prayer connecting with each other, and our missional prayer connecting us with God’s purposes for the ministry He’s called us to. We decided to find ways to integrate all three, but we learned a valuable lesson: you start with why and if you have more than three goals, you have none. Define one most important goal for anyting you’re doing and do it well.

Our revised prayer meetings are going to kill it in the goal they’ve set out to accomplish. We’re committed to connecting with God, each other, and the mission He’s called us to.

It’s the same with you, do you have any idea about why you do X? If you don’t know why, maybe you should kill it, like we did to our 30/90 Meeting.


Further insights are coming from 42 Rules, Your First 90 Days, Visioneering and other resources.

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