Is Your Org Chart Too Complicated?

What’s the easiest way for you to explain your organization’s vision and mission? What’s the most impactful thing you can do to help your people continually remember who they are and what they’re going after? How do you create clear delineations between employees in various departments, while also letting them see how they can work together and make the biggest impact in society? How can you help them remember what in the world it is that you’re trying to communicate everyday? At The Aroma, we are three separate organizations, rolled into one: a coffee shop, a church, and a missions center. How do we help these three areas stay focused on what’s important and create positive energy to achieve the mission and vision?

I’m addicted to coffee. I drink several cups a day and really enjoy sipping on a cup during each of my many conversations. Additionally, I recently started reading Visual Meetings and GameStorming. Put these two together and Bam; we’ve got a Sticky way to connect people to our vision and mission. I present to you, THE COFFEE CUP! Here’s a simple picture that literally creates the healthy Boundaries for Leaders necessary to help everyone achieve the goals we are after.  Our coffee shop is the cup, our church is the coffee, and our missions center, Envision, is the saucer.
Embed from Getty Images
The cup provides structure. As it’s strengthened or even multiplied, we are going to be able to hold more coffee. The coffee shop’s job is to help people smell The Aroma. Our goal is getting more people in the door in order to have the experience of “good coffee, great friends” that draws them closer to Jesus. The church is the coffee. It’s organic. It’s fluid. It’s focused on making the smell, or helping people to become The Aroma. It’s free to move about and given structure and support from the cup. As the coffee gets stronger, its smell goes up to God first (2 Corinthians 2:15) and then out to the rest of the world. We want our coffee to overflow (Psalm 23:5) out of the cup, over the edges and onto the saucer as a picture of God’s anointing and unity. Envision is the saucer. It’s here for support. It’s focus is on helping the cup and the coffee to get into and stay into the right place. This might even fix a logo issue we’ve been going through.

Each area has it’s own special way of helping people smell, become and spread The Aroma. If anyone asks me how our organization works, I’m going to point to my cup and say, “It’s just that simple.” We’re on the precipice of something great and so are you! What simple drawings could you use to represent your organization’s goals and departmental relationships? Try sitting down with a few simple shapes (like circles and lines) or items you use everyday in your organization. See if something you come up with could help add clarity to the mission, vision and work distribution of everyone.


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