3 Keys to Burger-Flipping Revival

Growing up I remember hearing people say, “You don’t want to spend the rest of your life flipping burgers, do you?” It was their way of saying “You should do something meaningful with your life.” They thought simply serving people well wasn’t a meaningful life career. They thought I could do “better.” Well, I might not be flipping burgers these days, but my thoughts on this topic have changed drastically.

Check out Acts 6 (thanks, Caleb, for the insight). The work of God was going incredibly well. But there was a lack of the spiritual gift of administration. There were needs in the community going unmet. People were struggling because the gift of service wasn’t being utilized. In this moment, the apostles realized each one of us has a gift and all the gifts are necessary and important. So, they decided to choose seven (a number of completion) people who had the character and capacity to do the job well. The first person they chose was Stephen, who was “full of faith and the Spirit.” He, along with six others, were commissioned the same as anyone else, and given the duty of serving well. As a result, the world multiplied, many people came to faith, and even the shape of the religion of the land changed. The story gets better in Acts 7. Stephen is doing all kinds of crazy miracles and it says he’s “full of grace and power.” This obviously make some people unhappy and jealous so they try to challenge him with words. Stephen basically destroys them with God’s wisdom, so they got some people to lie in order to get Stephen in trouble. At his “trial,” Stephen gives one of the strongest testimonies of the New Testament and his life ends while getting to literally look into heaven, seeing God’s glory, and asking God for forgiveness for the people who are murdering him.

Stephen spurred on a city-wide revival, performed astounding miracles, had a heaven encounter, and walked in extreme forgiveness and radical obedience all well “flipping burgers.” If you’re in a position that’s “merely” serving well. If you get up everyday and do “menial” tasks. If you’re just flipping burgers… Flip on my friend. You’re more likely to get into the history books with “world changer” next to your name than you even realize. The keys to Stephen’s breakthrough are these

1. Calling. Stephen knew his job was from God. He looked at it as much more than a job to do. It was a life calling (Romans 11:29). He had vision from God to see what he was to focus on. Stephen knew who he was and whose he was. He knew his identity. Have you discovered God’s calling? Are you walking in it?
2. Character. Stephen had the kind of character that was above reproach. No one could call him out because he walked in holiness. And when the moment of decision came, Stephen had the intestinal fortitude to ask God to forgive the people murdering him. He walked like Jesus did and thus made a place for Holy Spirit to dwell (Ephesians 4:30). Are you building the character of Jesus into your life today?
3. Capacity. Stephen didn’t see his duty as something in which he could slack off. He did it was such extreme excellence, he got noticed. Everything we do is for God (Colossians 3:17). His source of power was Holy Spirit. He had wisdom, Grace and power. Are you working with excellence? Do you rely on the Holy Spirit in your everyday work?

I wonder if McDonald’s has any openings.

If this blog has touched you, please consider doing any one (or more) of these three things: 1) Share this with a friend who needs to understand how meaningful their work is. 2) Partner with us financially at The Aroma. 3) Consider serving with Aroma. We are looking for people who want to change the world with the radiance of faces turned to God as they serve tables well.


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