That’s a S***** Move


Sometimes, as leaders, we have to make decisions that people disagree with. Sometimes, we’ll be pegged as out of line or even mean. Your job isn’t to make everyone like you. It’s to be a steward of the gift God’s given you. In leadership, that often means we’ll be called the “S Word.”

Before you click “dislike” or unsubscribe, please understand me. The S Word I’m referring to is “shrewd.” It’s no fun to be shrewd, because it means that you’ll have to deal with difficult situations, say things people don’t like to hear, and ultimately be held responsible when tough times come.

But, it means you have a backbone. It means you’re willing to make tough decisions and have difficult conversations. It means you’ll stay in it long enough to see the process through. It means you don’t abandon people or projects. It means you work hard (and smart) to find the best way to get the job done. It means you walk in excellence.

The shrewd manager mentioned in Luke 16 was commended because he knew how to deal with difficult situations in a way that benefited him. He was wise enough to know the outcome of a situation and a way to make it positive in the end.

You can be like the shrewd manager. In fact, Jesus challenges us to make tough decisions and be generous just as the shrewd manager was. Don’t settle for less than excellence just because it’s easy. Being shrewd isn’t easy. When you settle for less in the beginning, the end will come back to bite you in your rear end. Here are three ways we can learn from the shrewd manager and begin to walk in a shrewd (spelt e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-c-e) manner:

  1. Pray. The shrewd manager didn’t do this; but it’s our secret sauce. When we begin with prayer, we’re tapping into Excellence Himself. We’re allowing God to speak to us. This realigns us with His vision, reminds us of our identity in Him, and resets us on the path of excellence.
  2. Make tough decisions sooner rather than later. The shrewd manager sat down immediately and figured out how to position himself with his boss’s debtors. He didn’t wait, and you shouldn’t either. I love to procrastinate. All that does is make it more difficult when I finally get around to making that tough decision. I’m committing myself to making the tough decisions earlier in the game. It makes it easier for me and for others.
  3. Hang in there. The shrewd manager knew that if he was to stay alive for the long haul, he needed to prepare. He did that and the outcome was his boss’ commendation and preparation for the next step. Brian Johnson says, “Cool is cool as long as cool is cool; but excellence lasts a lifetime.” Don’t quit when it gets hard. If you’re prepared well, you’ll be able to keep going.

I want to be known for making “S***** Moves.” I hope you’ll join me.


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