Month: February 2017

Repentance is fun :-)

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We have been deceived into thinking that repentance is a sad, difficult experience filled with drudgery. If you’ve experienced this feeling before, read on. 

Repentance is often described as “turning around” or “changing the way you think.” Even though these feel positive on the outset, I often avoid repenting. I want to keep things to myself and dread the feeling I usually get when I have to admit to someone I was wrong or did something with bad motives. 

But an exert from a discipleship guide recently encouraged and challenged me greatly. The book, found here, talks about repentance needing to be met with more than just forgiveness. It’s like this: repentance/forgiveness brings us out of the red. This is mercy. But once we’re back to zero, there’s actually a chance to be moved into the black. This is grace. It looks like this: when someone repents, you do the following:

  • Forgive. Act as God’s ambassador to speak God’s forgiveness over them as well. Look them right in the eye and it’s probably healthy to even embrace physically during this time. 
  • Rebuke. There’s an authority we carry in the heavenly realm that we often fail to walk out. We have the authority to rebuke whatever this person is dealing with. It’s sort of like cleaning up a house. We need to kick that nasty stuff out of there!
  • Replace. You cleaned up, but don’t leave it empty. Ask Holy Spirit to come and fill the space with His Presence. 
  • Bless. Use your continued authority to bless this person’s life. Bless them in the area that the enemy was trying to ransack. 

If we start living out biblical forgiveness in relationship, repentance will become what it’s supposed to be: an enjoyable experience. I’ve started doing this (already experienced sharing this perspective change with 3 people and seen amazing results). 

I would encourage you to repent of only doing 25% of what real forgiveness is supposed to be. I rebuke the spirit of judgment and condemnation that usually comes over us when someone is attempting to forgive. I invite Holy Spirit to come into your life in a new way and fill you with thankfulness and joy surrounding repentance and forgiveness. I bless you to live a life of freedom and joy because you walk in the fullness of true reptancne and forgiveness!


Why you should remodel and 3 ways to start

At Aroma it’s our passion to help people smell, become and spread the Aroma of Christ (2 Corinthians 2:15). We recently went through a process of renovations in our coffee shop and church. The plan was to create a space where worshipping God could happen everyday. We enter his gates with thanksgiving (Psalm 100:4), so we redesigned our first floor to be more open and inviting. We want friends of the Aroma to feel welcomed, invited, and comfortable. Next, we recreated our second floor space to allow more seating for friends during the week and also during our church services. Finally, we designed the space to have our communion table in the center during services. We want everyone to look in towards Jesus as we fellowship together. He’s the center of our lives and the reason for our existence. We hope that this new remodeling is good for business and better for hosting God’s Presence!

Perhaps, you should consider a remodel in your life, business or ministry. Perhaps, like me, you don’t always see the value in your facilities. During this season, although I still don’t fully understand it, I see how God is opening my eyes to the importance of space. God thought it was important when he spent several chapters in Exodus outlining what the tabernacle would look like. He thought it was important again when He said He would fill the Earth with His Kingdom (Isaiah 9:7). He finishes with the picture of heaven found in Revelation when we are all worshiping and praising Him forever in His space. May God’s glory rest on you as you consider what a remodel could look like in your life and ministry. Here are a few questions to get you started. The spiritual parallels are astounding :-). 

  • Do you need some color? Perhaps, spending time with the Lord regarding how He’s colored your life could lead you to understand the importance of a space’s color. 
  • Perhaps, a chair could offer you new perspective. I’ll never forget the story of one pastor and his chair. The purchase of that chair gave him a daily space to connect with God in new and fresh ways. 
  • How about a window? Like my new glasses that were recently donated by a great friend, windows give us perspective. It’s important to refresh our perspective.