ROI: Sow Passion, Reap…

We are continuing on in our series on Kingdom Return on Investments. Here are eight top quotes and ideas from the installment on sowing our passion. 

  1. When I think about passion, I think about work and relationships. Perhaps, you have passion in both of these areas, perhaps, you don’t. But the way you invest your life in these two areas will determine the amount of freedom and joy you have.
  2. It doesn’t matter what kind of romantic or otherwise relationship you’re pursuing, if it’s placed above your relationship with God, it will reap you a harvest of loneliness, confusion, and self-doubt.
  3. Ask the porn addict who’s been sober for a year if he wants to go back to a life of addiction.
  4. My goal is to break you free from the cycle of death-filled, passion-less living so that you can encounter the cycle of life that Jesus wants you to have. He came that you would have an abundant life. 
  5. In order to walk in freedom and joy, we must first walk through the door. Jesus says he’s the gate (John 10:9). 
  6. I imagine the door you must walk through is a small one. It’s too small for you to walk through with your chest sticking out. You have to get down on your knees. I also imagine the door you must walk through is a small one. It’s too small for you to fit through carrying your past baggage that forms the way you view God, yourself, your needs and the world around you. 
  7. “Sacrifice is active.” – Nathan Conklin.
  8. Ways to invest your passion: Look to Jesus. Make a list of life priorities. Cut the unnecessary junk out of your life. Look for opportunities to let the Spirit of God rest on you. Learn a new skill. Express thankfulness. 

In retrospect, it might have been more appropriately entitled, “Sow Repentance, Reap Freedom and Joy.” Here’s a post on repentance. The more we dive into a lifestyle of repentance, the happier we’ll be. 

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