ROI: Sow Time, Reap Freedom and Breakthrough

We are continuing on in our series on Kingdom Return on Investments. Here are top quotes and ideas from the installment on sowing our time.

  1.  I recently watched a movie called “Arq.”
  2. The Bible is full of the word “time.” Let’s just think about how much “time” is involved in our lives. How many of you set an alarm to wake up this morning? Do you look at your watch or phone more than 5 times a day (I was originally going to write hour, because it’s true of me). Time manages your work schedule. Time ages you. Time even controls the way you play games. But when we’re not cognizant of time and it’s effects, and subsequently we’re unable to invest time.
  3. Chronos vs Kairos. In the Greek Bible, there are at least two words for time: Chronos and Kairos. Imagine Chronos is like a timeline. It’s just coming. They personified Chronos with an old man that looked like Father Time. Chronos is fatalistic. It just keeps passing on and there’s not much you can do about it. You’re sort of stuck with what you got. Kairos, on the other hand, is personified as a young, dashing man. He’s strong. He’s ready. “Carpe Diem, let’s take the day and make something of it,” is Kairos’ big idea. If we’re going to invest time, we need to understand these two concepts and put them to work for us.
  4. You can manage chronos to make the greatest impact in your life. Here’s an idea for how to do that: turn off notifications on your phone. The reason you won’t is because you’re addicted to feeling like people want you. Sorry friend, that’s just not real. I check my email in the morning before I pray because I’d rather know that someone needs me than that God wants me. It’s a messiah complex. For some of you, it’s not about feeling needed. You have deep relational holes in your heart and you’re trying to fill them with bits and bytes. It’s why all of these apps are spending more and more time in our phones. You have wasted hours, days, perhaps even years of your life staring at your phone. If you’re willing to repent, you are forgiven. You are so much more than that. I rebuke the spirit of lies that tells you you’re not good enough and you need a notification to tell you you have friends and purpose. I ask Holy Spirit to come and fill you. I bless you to live a life of Him being enough and not needing to always have notifications blazing on your phone.
  5. Chronos is ticking, but you don’t have to lose this one. There’s victory that can come by running when He says Run and Resting when He says Rest.
  6. Kairos is a divine opportunity. Do you know you don’t pass through one day without a Kairos moment? The problem is, you’re not paying attention. We don’t have margin in our lives to see them. And even when we’re in the midst of them, we don’t know how to discern them or learn from them or move forward in them. So we pass from divine opportunity to divine opportunity not learning from them and thus missing the investments we could be making in the ways God is teaching us and walking with us. This is where breakthrough can come. We can learn to discern what God’s saying so as to respond with correct obedience.
  7. For the greatest freedom and breakthrough in your life, learn to 1) see and pray in chronos and kairos moments, 2) utilize your chronos, and 3) seize your kairos.

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