ROI: Sow Leadership, Reap Legacy

We are continuing on in our series on Kingdom Return on Investments. Here are top quotes and ideas from the installment on sowing our leadership.

  1. How is anything going to be better and different? What can anyone do? How will we deal with the issues the world is facing? How do you get any change to happen in your life? How about a lasting change? The answer is leadership.
  2. “Leadership is influence.” – Maxwell
  3. We have influence in a person’s life. Maybe it’s because of: job title, friendship, family, social media, service.
  4. When someone knows you have their best in mind, they are even more willing to give influence in their lives.
  5. Real leadership is not just barking orders and telling people to get in line. It’s about taking people to a destination. A lot of businesses or bosses just think it’s about using people to get something done. For this kind of leadership, you’re inviting people to go further than you. You’re setting them up for a success beyond yours.
  6. Leadership is hard. Don’t give up. Everybody on this earth is afraid. The difference is we know: 1) how the story ends, and 2) that God is on our side. Do you know you’re supposed to be the leader? How has God shown you? God showed Moses by meeting him and challenging him to walk into a situation he had tried before and failed at (Exodus 33:1-6)
  7. To lead, you have to go out to find God.  Never leave the tent. Do you have at least one person you take to the tent with you? Serve the leader (Exodus 33:7-11).
  8. God is searching for a people to lead this church, this city, this generation. ask and expect big things (Exodus 33:12-23).
  9. Jesus invested his all in you. He invested in His life into you. That’s what communion is all about. He’s planned a legacy for you. He said you’d do greater things (John 14:12).

Three Important Application Points

  1. Show what you know, Serve (spiritual) Children: Moses prepared Joshua to take Israel into the Promised Land. Invest your time in serving the younger generation and showing them how to be intimate with God. You’re learning to love God. Have that show up in your leadership. Somehow Moses infused Joshua with this yearning (Exodus 33).
  2. Give what you have, Invest Resources: David prepared Solomon, and they’re remembered forever. Invest your money in things that will last for generations (1 Chronicles 22).
  3. Release what you expect, Tell a story: Jesus prepared The Disciples To turn the world upside down. Invest your stories in the people you care about (Luke 18:1-6).

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