Month: May 2017

Covenant: Our Relationship with God


Recently, we’ve been in a sermon series on Covenant Relationships. A covenant is like a contract in that it’s an agreement between two parties. But a covenant is built on a foundation of trust in which both parties want the best for each other. The first covenant happened between God and people. You can watch this video to learn more about the main covenants found in the Bible.

Here are some top highlights from the first installment:

  • Sermon in a Sentence: God invites you to a covenant in which He is faithful and you are washed, protected, and brought into the family as you submit.
  • I recently watched a group of 10 year olds playing basketball. There was one particular girl who was a hard worker, but wasn’t listening to her coach. Because she didn’t operate under covenant, she missed out on the opportunity to be great.
  • In covenant, there are always to parties involved. In the type of covenant we are looking at, God is the initiator.
  • Covenants have promises and conditions like in Deuteronomy 28
  • Ephesians 5:25-32 outlines another example of God’s covenant love. He’s the faithful one. In particular, Paul says we, the church, are to submit to our husband, Jesus Christ. This word submit has a thrust of putting oneself under a plan or arrangement. It’s controversial. But it’s the way God made it. He is looking to be a husband to us. And in turn his expectation is that we would be a wife “subjected to” him. Are you willing to be “subjected to him?” What would it look like in your Finances? In your physical health? Can you imagine if God was your business partner? Or if God walked with you towards health in these areas?
  • God has ordained, appointed, determined, set an abundant life for you and all you need to do is put yourself in submission to it.
  • Memorize James 4:7: Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.