a task, A Person, A VISION

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That’s usually how I think about my life. I have a nice long task list. Each day I take it out (on my phone through an app called “Asana”) and think about the priorities I have. I push forward and try to finish a few things each day.

Then, there’s people. I do a lot of 1 on 1’s. And I’m in a lot of meetings. I enjoy most of the meetings I’m in, even the ones with difficult conversations, because I know that people are more important than tasks.

But most of all is the vision. I once heard a respected leader say, “No task is more important than a person. And no person is more important than the vision.” The outworking of the quote is this: you shouldn’t get your undies in a bundle if a task is screwed up. You should take steps to prevent it from happening again. You should offer support and accountability. You should hold people to the responsibilities they’ve agreed to. At the same time, if someone is consistently under-performing in an area, you have to have the courage to realize that they’re like of achievement might be costing the realization of the vision. There comes a time when leadership has to be responsible to reorganize the people so that the vision can be realized.

I like to consider myself a visionary type of person, so it’s encouraging to know that the amount of time I spend obsessing over the vision of our work and the culture we’re living out through isn’t going to waste. That being said, I recently realized that I have another step to take personally. As I’ve reviewed the last few months, I’ve realized that one person who has consistently under-performed in the coffee shop and church is me. I’m not angry. I’m not depressed. But I am more committed to the vision than I am to the title of lead pastor and coffee shop owner. It’s more important for me to see the vision of helping people smell, become and spread the Aroma being realized.

As such, I’ve decided to get to the reorganizing. Over the next few months, I’ll be transitioning my role in leadership, making space for excellence to rise up and move forward in the vision and mission of Aroma.

So, what are you going to do about it? Where is your focus? Is your head in the tasks? Can you pull back to focus on people? Are you capable of carrying a vision that transcends even a person. Are you willing to fire even yourself if it comes to that?


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