“You Tricked Me”

I fully expected someone to say that to me on Sunday as I remarked about what we were doing at the baptism and commissioning service. 90 people gathered on a local beach to celebrate to of our Aroman community members making the step of baptism and a third dedicating herself to five years of mission service at a YWAM base in another part of Taiwan. What an amazing event. I love being a part of celebrations like this. You see when I go to baby dedications, baptisms, commissioning services,weddings, etc. I am usually thinking about that person, all the work they’ve done or are planning to do, and perhaps even thinking about how I don’t have to do that. If I were to be honest, I’m more of a bystander when I go to those events.

But my heart was saying something else to our people on Sunday, and I believe it was in line with the heartbeat of God. A baptism, a commissioning service, a wedding are all celebrations in the context of COMMUNITY, meaning, we have A COMMON UNITY. All of the people gathered around us at the beach on Sunday were there to cheer on our friends as they got baptized and publicly acknowledged their commitments to follow Christ. But as a church, we had a commit to make as well. We can’t get off that easy.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. The same logic applies to a newly dedicated baby, a baptized person, someone leaving to a distant land to be a missionary, and a couple getting married. We’re here for you, or at least, we should be. We’re her to pray, to encourage, to exhort, to hold you to your commitment and to supply you with the resources you need to do it in excellence.

The next time you attend a celebration like one of these, don’t be tricked. You’re not a bystander or a mere consumer. You play a vital role in ensuring these person or people excel and fulfill everything to which they are committing. Don’t look to someone else. You’re here for such a time as this.


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