Month: September 2017

How I Changed My Day

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We all have them: tough days. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, or you’ve been struggling with a sickness, or your boss seems to be on your case more these days, or you’ve hit a rough spot in a friendship or romantic relationship.  Over the past few months, Jamie and I have been having some rough times. Nothing really bad, but just a few little things that seem to add up.

But recently, we ran into this helpful blog, and this particular blog entry. In it The Backlund’s share tips and pointers for how we can live as people of hope. Hope is one of the greatest things we can have in life. Hope reminds us that we are safe and secure. Hope encourages us to keep going. Hope gives us new perspective to see things differently.

So, we decided to take the Wendy Backlund’s advice and start saying these phrases:

  • Instead of “I have to,” say “I get to,”
  • Instead of “This is hard,” say” This is easy and fun.”
  • Instead of “I don’t have enough,” say “My best is more than enough.”
  • Instead of “Ugh, I’m so tired,” say “I love moving my body.”

Managing self-talk is a key to winning the war for your mind transformed. And the transformed mind is the key to supernatural breakthrough in your life (Romans 12:2).

The same day I committed to these a few interesting things happened:

  • I was more joyful.
  • I became more cognizant of God speaking with me throughout the day.
  • My eyes felt more open and less droopy.
  • I had a clearer head (even with a small headache coming on from a potential cold).
  • I noticed an issue that I wished I could improve and thoughts came to me regarding how to change the situation.
  • I had more patience with coworkers.
  • The attitude in a meeting that sometimes can feel boring was instead full of excitement and expectation about what God wanted to do during the week.
  • I finished more tasks, and more meaningful tasks, than I typically do.

I encourage you to give it a try! For a more extensive option, check out this one: Morning Declarations. Here’s to Hope!