One (more) Thing I Got Wrong

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I was recently in a meeting where someone talked about the product vs the process. I googled it, obviously to find out some rock-solid information, and most it pointed to teaching children’s art. Absolutely, that makes sense. When I’m nine, I should be learning about the process of making art. We all know my drawing (if you can even call it that) might not be worthy of the fridge, much less the museum. But if I can get at practicing, if I can learn the correct processes, there’s a chance I may learn enough to begin putting together things that might be worth looking at in the future.

But now I’m 32, No more art classes for me. Does this apply to other aspects of my life? How? Perhaps, the idea of the process needs to be developed beyond my 3rd grade art class. One place that has stuck out to me is in the place of Crucial Conversations. Everyday, we have conversations that make or break relationships, products and organizations. These crucial conversations are much more manageable when we 1) learn a healthier process, and 2) act in ways that are conducive to engaging in ongoing relationship.

Crucial Conversations are one example of how important the process is. Let’s continue caring about the end product, but realize that the process is equally as important.


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