My Manifesto

Here’s where I start. I am a…

  • Worshipper (through vision). There’s a davidic anointing on me. I have an apostolic anointing that shifts cultures and from which new things spring out. I step out. But I’m not disconnected from the past heritage. Worship actually keeps me rooted in God while lifting me beyond current accepted practices that may be less than what we are called to. This is the apostolic. This is where I step out and try new things.

  • Lover (through identity). My passion and desire for the Lord outweighs others. I cry. I allow my heart to be touched by difficult situations. I feel pain because without that sensitivity, I can’t feel pleasure. This is the evangelistic.

  • Family Guy (through community). I prioritize my family, other families, and community in general. I’m intentional about building a community that accepts and nourishes those around me. This is the pastoral.

  • Learner (through growth). I buy books, listen to sermons, get coaching, attend conferences and classes, gather input from others. This is the didactic.

  • Speaker of Truth (through excellence). I hold fast to what is of God. I’m not afraid to share the truth. I’m not afraid to challenge. This is the prophetic.

Thus, I hope to be one who runs with a group of people that look like this manifesto, or public declaration of policy and aims. It’s a shortened list of what makes a person, a calling, a job, an obsession tick. Here’s my manifesto for Aroma

  • We will seek God as Sovereign Lover and Source of All (James 1:17). We go to Him first. We get all we have from Him. He’s our great lover and source. We rely on him. We are bought into the vision he’s given us. We assume that He is for us and subsequently, we are for each other. We fight for each other and confront each other in love when necessary. We work like it all depends on us, but pray like it all depends on Him. We are committed to each other.  He’s a good Father. We are one with Him. He’s a good King. We are His delegates to bring about the coming of His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. He gave us each other, for at least this season. We have to remember that as we live out a culture of honor, transformative truth can be released through each of us into each other. We start with a foundation of trust in God and in each other. We open up, now.
  • We will seek Family as God’s Government (Romans 12:1-7). We won’t create policies and structures as organizational scar tissue. Instead, we will focus on restoration of family. The purpose of government is the creation of a society, community, family that embodies a vision for a better future together. We protect freedom and invite people to live in righteousness. We believe the best in people and because of our fanatic discipline in the area of staff acquisition and development, we will give people huge amounts of freedom. We won’t waste time in discussions about things that aren’t mission-critical. We will speak the truth in love and build something great on the foundation of what God outlined in Scripture. We restructure now.
  • We will seek Growth in All Areas of our lives (1 Corinthians 3:7). We can’t afford to stop growing personally, in community and on track with our mission. Growing is painful and some aren’t willing to do it. If you’re happy with where you’re at, you might want to consider finding a different place, because we are going to push each other. It’s going to hurt. We have to read. We have to watch. We have to consult. We have to take it further. We have to share. Our ceiling should be others’ floor. We learn and share now.
  • We will seek Sustained Encounters that span generations (Exodus 33:11). God wants encounters with Him to be daily. We should never go a day without encountering Him in His Word, prayer, the prophetic, and in the midst of our daily work. We want to find ways to engage generations that have gone before us and generations that will come after us. While the time is now, we also believe that we are incomplete without the fullness that comes when multiple generations come together to call out to God for more.God wants intimacy with Him to be received from those who came before us and passed to our kids’ kids. We think about legacy now.
  • We will seek the Kingdom that is Everywhere (Romans 14:17). Business happens differently. Church happens differently. Missions happens differently. We will create a platform that empowers Kingdom Everywhere thinking in the 7 mountains, especially education, business and religion.We can expect that the Kingdom will be released when we pray and when we act. We pray and act now.
  • We will Clarify Vision until Communicated (Habakkuk 2:2). We need to be clear again on our vision. We need to once again get back to the basics of why, what and how. No task is more important than the people on the team. No person is more important than the purpose God has outlined for the team.I’m going to keep writing until everyone knows unequivocally what we’re going to do. This means people will leave and programs will be cut.
  • We will Position Passion until Unity (Philippians 3:1). We have to live from a place of passion. It seems there are many of us, myself included, who are in certain positions that are not healthy, because they’re not being filled from passion. I don’t mean you had a rough day. I mean it’s been a rough year and you lack vision, passion and gifting for what God’s going to do in and through you in this position. We’re going to position people in their passion until we’re unified. It starts with a hunger for the things of God and a willingness to wait on Him to provide clarity. This means people will leave and programs will be cut.
  • We will Augment Anointing until Breakthrough (Exodus 31:1-5). In certain seasons, people are given an anointing for breakthrough in a particular area. Bezalel is one great example (Exodus 31:1-5). This means people will leave and programs will get cut. We will learn to follow God’s anointing. It will take time, but it will be worth it.
  • We will Scale Back until Excellence. There are things we’re doing that we don’t need to be doing. There are discussions, meetings, events and products that aren’t serving a clear purpose mapped to our vision. We have to scale back, not because those things are bad, but because they don’t fit the vision, so they’re not God’s best for us.We are going to scale back until we are positioned to be excellent (Philippians 3:16). This means people will leave and programs will get cut.
  • We will live from the fullness of the the book of Ephesians, which sums up Kingdom Life. We start with our blessing in Christ and learn that we’re gearing up for a spiritual battle (chapter 1 and 6). We learn our identity so that we can live it out (chapter 2, 4-5). And in the middle of it all, we’re unified (Chapter 3). We are going to listen to God’s voice, every, every single time in all of this.
  • You will seek a personal manifesto.My manifesto starts with my covenant. That is, in my personal life, I will be intimate with Jesus, holy and healthy, and always learning. In my community life, I will love my wife, mentor/coach/disciple, and be mentored/coached/discipled. In my missional life, I will sabbath well, keep regular hours, and set weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual SMART goals. I will honor my covenant now.

This isn’t a contract.  It’s a covenant.  An opportunity. A special relationship formed with someone.  An outline of the important points of the relationship. An agreement.  A contract is finished in a definite amount of time and both parties leave each other alone.  A covenant is more like a family and it’s based on trust and good faith.

If these things are of interest to you, get in touch

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